Finally you can think only about driving

Cargoful is a digital platform that allows hauliers to optimize the operation of their fleet by leveraging algorithms and advanced analytics


Why Cargoful?

Cargoful allows all hauliers to have

the advantages and technology of large fleets

Platform for digitally managing loads and documentation
Algorithms to optimize planning and increase fleet utilization
Infrastructure that keeps costs and revenues under control for you
Real-time fleet
tracking system
Screen Real-Time tracking.png
Follow your fleet

Real-time tracking

Track your fleet via GPS
Get an overview of the loads status
Communicate with your trucks directly
Get notified in case of a delay
Plan your loads

Fleet management

Assign vehicles and drivers to your loads
Store all documentation in cloud
Add a new load in 15 seconds
Check all the history of your loads
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Screen smart fleet opt.png
Boost utilization to 100%

Fleet optimization

Increase the utilization rate of your vehicles with our smart algorithms
Utilize our open system to take advantage of the offering available on the market

Social impact

Reduction of C02 emissions
By increasing the utilization of the vehicles we reduce the number of empty journeys
Improvement of the quality of life of hauliers
By optimizing the planning we reduce the number of nights the haulier spends away from home
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Democratization of technology
Putting technology at the service of the SMEs we enhance their innovation and competitiveness

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